How many times have you put the sock you are knitting into your project bag only to have the stitches slip off the knitting needles, or you lose that pesky 5th needle somewhere in your bag.   Our handcrafted knitting needle cozy is your solution and is designed to hold your double pointed needles (all 5 of them) on your project without getting lost or slipping off your needles.

Sock in knitting needle cozy

The needle cozy also works with stitches held on a circular needle.

Socks on a circular needle and cozy

Snap the cozy over the top of your needles, and the cozy will prevent dropped stitches or lost needles when putting your work to one side or placing it in your project bag.

Snapping project and needles in cozy

The needle cozy is available in two sizes and measures approximately 18 cm by 6 cm (7.25 "x 2.25") for the shorter size and 23 cm by 6 cm (8" x 2.25") for the longer size. Each cozy is made with 100% cotton and is fully lined and interfaced with 2 snap closures. When selecting your needle cozy make sure to buy the size that closely matches the size of the knitting needle length you are using for your project.

Storing double pointed needles in cozy

For those of you that don't knit socks, the needle cozy is a great little pouch to store your double pointed needles when not being used, as my dear friend, Ann B. explained to me.  What a great idea!  Thanks for the suggestion.

Joyous Knitting!  Yvonne

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