When Joeriaknits began in 2021, I pledged to bring awareness to the addiction crisis in Canada, as well as donate 20% of the profits to a charity that helps those affected by addiction.  This year, I am donating $1,500 to the Salvation Army’s Nine Stories of Hope for their tireless work helping addicts in Vancouver's downtown Eastside.   I am grateful to everyone who supported Joeriaknits in 2022 by purchasing items from our shop, which made this donation possible.

Create Magical Memories This Holiday Season!

Don't forget to give yourself time to just knit or crochet and complete those unfinished projects. I like to search the internet and make a list of new knitting patterns I want to try in the new year.  Whatever you choose to do, make sure you enjoy yourself, and snap some selfies or take a video to capture the moments and celebrate this special time of year!  A huge thank you to all the knitters and crocheters across Canada who joined our tribe at Joeriaknits in 2021 and 2022.   Wishing you all a wonderful holiday and may your Christmas and new year be merry and bright!


To help spark a love of knitting, Joeriaknits is launching a limited-edition beginner’s knit kit for children or any new knitter for that matter!  Each project bag was designed and sewn by Yvonne and has everything you need to knit your first project, including yarn and a pattern.  At Joeriaknits we want to help your child (or beginner) find a fun and beneficial activity they’ll love for life. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.


I had a lot of fun sewing this summer and now my handcrafted project bags, storage clutches and zipper pouches are available on just in time for your Christmas shopping.  Each "one of a kind" item is made from beautiful upcycled upholstery fabric, and lined with 100% cotton and/or canvas. Shop early for the best selection.


Looking for a great Christmas gift idea for the knitter or crocheter in your family.  My 2022 limited edition extra large project bags, pouches, clutches and children's knitting kits are coming soon to   These gorgeous unique project bags and pouches are made with leftover scraps of upholstery fabric, 100% cotton and/or canvas. There will be only one of each available until they are sold.


How many times have you put the socks you are knitting in your project bag only to have the stitches slip off the knitting needles, or you lose that pesky 5th needle somewhere in your bag.   Our handcrafted knitting needle cozy is your solution and is designed to hold your double pointed needles (all 5 of them) on your project without getting lost or slipping off your needles.

Nine Stories of Hope

Drug overdoses are out pacing Covid deaths in Canada and getting worse due to the pandemic.  So, this year I am supporting the Salvation Army's Nine Stories of Hope in Vancouver BC with a donation for the construction of a new drug treatment facility.  Thanks to everyone who has supported my small business in its first year of operation.  It's been such a pleasure !

What length of circular knitting needles should you use?

Are you confused about the length of your circular knitting needles and which one is better for which project?  Should you just buy the longest circular needle, and will it work for every knitting project?  And how do you measure a 16” fixed circular needle?  With the tips or without?      In this blog post I will try and answer these questions.   
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