Reflections - Spring 2024!

As we lead our busy lives and time steadily moves forward, nothing quite emphasizes the passage of years like receiving an invitation to my 50th Graduation Reunion in June. It's hard to believe how swiftly time has passed since 1974. There are countless events and individuals to recall, evoking both joyous reminiscences and sombre recollections of challenging times.


Drug addiction is not something we can turn a blind eye to. We need to advocate for anyone suffering with an addiction and treat them with compassion and kindness.  Often times addicts are living on the street, and they need shelter, food and support, so that they can feel safe and cared for.  Drug dependency may manifest as a result of personal injury, excessive opioid prescriptions, job loss, challenges with mental health, abuse, or the inability to afford housing.    

Knitting Needle and Crochet Hook Size Conversion Charts - Metric to Imperial

At Joeriaknits, we show both the metric and US sizing for all of our knitting needles and crochet hooks listed in our shop. Both US and metric sizing also appears on the packaging and on all the hooks and needles.  If you inherited needles and hooks from your mother or grandmother, they might only show US or even European sizing.   Canada went metric on April 1, 1975 and for some of us who grew up with the US imperial measurements we tend to rely on both measurements.

Supporting Canadian Knitwear Designers - Part 2

At Joeriaknits, we are dedicated to supporting Canadian knitters and knitwear designers in their craft by providing high-quality tools and supplies. One of the most rewarding aspects of knitting and crochet, is discovering a community of like-minded people who generously share their patterns and expertise.

Supporting Canadian Knitwear Designers - Part 1

Discovering a community of like-minded knitters who generously share their patterns and expertise is one of the most rewarding aspects of knitting. At Joeriaknits, we are dedicated to supporting Canadian knitters and knitwear designers in their craft by providing high-quality tools and supplies. Here are two Canadian knitwear designers and bloggers I admire who currently blog about their patterns, techniques, and share interesting stories about their knitting journey.  


When selecting yarn for sock knitting, it is important to consider the weight and fibre content of the yarn. The yarn should contain at least 20% nylon for a durable and long-lasting finished pair of socks.  The other 80% can be wool, or any fibre you prefer. Fingering weight yarns are the most popular for knitting socks as they are lightweight and give a great fit.  You will need at least 100g of sock yarn to complete an average sized pair of socks.


In my last two blog posts, I talked about the anatomy of a sock in Part 1 and the option of knitting socks using double pointed or a circular knitting needle in Part 2.  Once you decide what type of knitting needles to use for your socks, you need to select the material they are made from. In this blog post, I cover the most common materials knitting needles are made from.


 In this blog, I am going to talk about which knitting needles to use. Whether you knit a pair of socks using double pointed needles or on a circular knitting needle using the Magic Loop method, it's all a matter of personal preference. Sometimes I start knitting my socks using the Magic Loop technique, then I switch to my double pointed needles when I am turning the heel and then switch back again when I start the instep. Knitting Socks on Double Pointed Needles is a very common method and a good starting point for any beginner knitter.  Knitting socks using The Magic Loop Method allows you to create a tube using one circular knitting needle.


Are you intimidated by the idea of knitting socks for the first time?  Or are you a beginner knitter and want to knit your first pair of socks?  I am here to encourage you that socks are not difficult to knit and requires only basic knitting skills.  I am not kidding and YES you can !!!


When Joeriaknits began in 2021, I pledged to bring awareness to the addiction crisis in Canada, as well as donate 20% of the profits to a charity that helps those affected by addiction.  This year, I am donating $1,500 to the Salvation Army’s Nine Stories of Hope for their tireless work helping addicts in Vancouver's downtown Eastside.   I am grateful to everyone who supported Joeriaknits in 2022 by purchasing items from our shop, which made this donation possible.

Create Magical Memories This Holiday Season!

Don't forget to give yourself time to just knit or crochet and complete those unfinished projects. I like to search the internet and make a list of new knitting patterns I want to try in the new year.  Whatever you choose to do, make sure you enjoy yourself, and snap some selfies or take a video to capture the moments and celebrate this special time of year!  A huge thank you to all the knitters and crocheters across Canada who joined our tribe at Joeriaknits in 2021 and 2022.   Wishing you all a wonderful holiday and may your Christmas and new year be merry and bright!


To help spark a love of knitting, Joeriaknits is launching a limited-edition beginner’s knit kit for children or any new knitter for that matter!  Each project bag was designed and sewn by Yvonne and has everything you need to knit your first project, including yarn and a pattern.  At Joeriaknits we want to help your child (or beginner) find a fun and beneficial activity they’ll love for life. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.
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