Hey, I’m Yvonne, and I am an addict. Yes, you read that right, I am addicted to knitting, sewing and all things handmade!

My hope is that if you have never picked up a crochet hook or knitting needles and started our first project that I can inspire you to discover the joy of making your first hat, scarf, shawl, socks or garment and become addicted too!

For the seasoned (already addicted) crocheter and knitter, I hope that you will try a new technique or pattern, search your stash, blend fibres and create a thing of beauty for someone you love (and that might just be you!)

JOERIAKNITS evolved from my love of knitting and all things handmade by providing new and experienced knitters and crafters the best quality tools and yarns at a reasonable price.

JOERIAKNITS carries beautifully crafted crochet and knitting needles in wood, carbon fibre, bamboo, chrome and my favourite the lightweight metal Knitter’s Pride Zing double pointed needles. Whether you are looking for double or single pointed needles or circular needles or a complete set, you will find them here. If you don’t see it on my site, let me know, and I will find them for you for the best price.

I learned to sew and knit as a young girl by my amazing Mom back in my hometown of Kamloops, BC. My Mom sewed and knit all my clothes growing up, as well as for my three sisters and brother. By the time I was in my teens, I was making my own clothes and learned to knit. Then, life got busy with a family and work commitments and handcrafting became less and less, until five years ago when I met a group of ladies in Port Elgin, Ontario who inspired and challenged me to pick up my craft and I found my groove by learning to knit continental style (a left-hander’s dream).


JOERIA is proudly Canadian and located in rural Ontario on the Beautiful South Bruce Peninsula.

Let me help you find your groove too and become addicted to your craft.

Thanks to Joe and Ria (my parents) for sharing their entrepreneurial spirit, love of family and who inspired me to be creative and enjoy these wonderful pastimes.

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