JOERIAKNITS is a Canadian family run home-based business operated by two sisters Yvonne, located in Ontario and Judy in British Columbia.  JOERIAKNITS materialized during the pandemic of 2020 from Yvonne’s dream of giving back to her community and her love of all things handmade. Judy joined the business in 2021, and ensures your orders are shipped promptly.

If you have never picked up a crochet hook or knitting needles and started your first project, we hope we can inspire you to discover the joy of making your first hat, shawl, socks, blanket, toy or garment. 

For the seasoned crocheter and knitter, we hope you will try a new technique or pattern, search your stash, blend fibres and create a thing of beauty for someone you love (and that might just be you!)

At JOERIAKNITS we offer new and experienced knitters a wide selection of the best quality knitting and crochet tools at a reasonable price with the lowest shipping rates in Canada.

Whether you are looking for double pointed needles or circular needles, crochet hooks or a beautiful bag to store your crafts, you will find them at JOERIAKNITS.  If you don’t find what you are looking for on our site, please drop us an email, and we will try to find them for you. 

Also, at JOERIAKNITS we understand the seriousness of the drug addiction crisis in Canada and every year we will donate 20% of our Gross Profit to a treatment centre in Vancouver, B.C.’s downtown east side. For more information, please read Yvonne's Twisted Loops blog post "Nine Stories of Hope".


JOERIAKNITS is located in rural Ontario on the picturesque South Bruce Peninsula and Kamloops, in the interior of beautiful British Columbia.

Let us help you find your groove and become addicted to your craft.

Thanks to Joe and Ria (our parents) for sharing their entrepreneurial spirit, love of family and inspiring us to be creative and enjoy these wonderful pastimes.

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