Supporting Canadian Knitwear Designers - Part 1

Discovering a community of like-minded knitters who generously share their patterns and expertise is one of the most rewarding aspects of knitting. At Joeriaknits, we are dedicated to supporting Canadian knitters and knitwear designers in their craft by providing high-quality tools and supplies.

Here are two Canadian knitwear designers and bloggers I admire who currently blog about their patterns, techniques, and share interesting stories about their knitting journey.  

I do not have any affiliation with these knitters, and I am not compensated for listing their links in my post.

Elizabeth McCarten is a hand knit designer of easy to fit, knit and wear designs.  I like the simplicity of her designs and the detailed photos on her blog, and she is a sewist too! She is located in Kingston, Ontario

Chantal Miyagishima’s knitwear designs are beginner-friendly patterns based on simple, elegant lines and basic stitches.  Knitting newbies wanting to expand their knitting skills will find her patterns fun to explore. She is based out of Calgary, Alberta.

Next week, I will share another three Canadian knitting bloggers and designers that I enjoy.  If you would like to be highlighted in one of my future blogs, please email me at

 Happy Knitting! 


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