Knitter's Pride Nova Platina Chunky Circular Needle Set

Knitter's Pride Nova Platina Chunky Circular Needle Set

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Nova's Chunky set includes 3 pairs of chunky tips in US size 13 (9.0 mm), 15 (10.0 mm) and 17 (12.0 mm)  for managing today's popular thick yarns

Also, includes 2 cables: one 24'' and one 32"; 4 end caps and 2 cable keys.

  • Engineered from hollow brass pipes and plated with Chrome, its shiny smooth surface is a knitter's delight
  • Now with pointier and tapered tips – ideal for all knitting projects including lace!
  • The exceptionally smooth and shiny surface enables stitches to move quickly and with no resistance
  • Light weight ensures comfort in the hand and hours of stress-free, satisfying knitting
  • Resilient and flexible cords lay flat with no kink or twist – easy to store
  • Excellent for all levels of knitting experience – beginners, as well
  • Packaged in a clear top vinyl pouch with 3 needle pockets to hold the tips and two pockets for extra tools
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